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Transparency in Engineering

DataCase is a Dutch company in the science and practice of data collection, metrics analysis and cost model development. With our eFPA™ (electronic  function point analysis) tools we offer professional services like sizing, cost estimating and management consulting in the areas of program management, project management, financial/cost analysis, and acquisition system support.


With our eFPA™ tooling we deliver the following services:


Case EVM Analyzer (based on Deloitte’s enterprise value method)

This service/tool is used for change analysis on business strategy level. Business improvements can be analyzed, collected and structured. EVM has a strategic value when it comes to a concise representation of the business change goals.


Case Analyzer (automated recognition and definition of system objects)

This service/tool is used for reversed engineering and documentation of an existing system. The outcome is stored in a dictionary (Case Modeler). This service/tool is very useful in situations where the organization lacks detailed information about business critical systems.


Case Modeler (documentation model & FP count)

This service/tool is used as repository and function point analysis. Case Modeler enables modeling, refining and calculating the  client’s target solution.


Case Plan (generation project plan / sprint plan, operational cost)

This service/tool is used for the estimation of the project,

operational cost, and an investment analysis (TCO).