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The dilemma of choosing IT solutions for the future


ERP: Are you gonna  keep it or are you gonna leave it ?


(Source: ZD net) The enterprise technology market is facing a massive shift. The advent and growth of cloud technology, changing customer needs, and the digitization of the workplace means that legacy software companies are changing their approach to maintain their spot at the top.

There's no denying that SAP and Oracle are the two giants in the space, but they are facing some big headwinds in the market. Both are heavily investing in the move from on-premise to the cloud, and working hard to bring their existing customer base with them.


Characteristics are that both companies bring their applications to the cloud in their current form. This means that the same picture still remains for the customer: standard solutions that require a lot of configuration work and high dependence on the supplier with regard to new functionalities and high costs for individual adjustments. In addition, high annual costs for licenses are paid, the question being what you get in return.


Now days enterprises:

- Experience, that their  IT solution delivery is not in sync with their business strategy

- Pay interest to time to market/operations , being target oriented and product /service oriented

- Consider key-priorities are market driven IT delivery against lower cost and on time

- Search  & evaluate options to achieve considered key-priorities by selecting versatile partners

  and appropriate tools


The new world of cloud and low code computing requires a different model: optimum flexibility for your own business requirements. In addition, the market demands a drastic reduction in costs.  The costs for developing and managing applications in low code environments are often only 20-30% of the costs of traditional ERP suppliers. Own development of business solutions have now become more profitable than the money-wasting ERP packages.


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